The Distortion - sprain ligament joint treatment


Distortion is the stretching or partial tearing of the ligaments of the joint (more often the ankle and knee).

Distortion occurs due to sudden and abrupt movement in an enlarged volume and unusual for the joint direction (for example, tucking in the ankle or movement of the shank in the knee joint outwards). Distortion is sometimes accompanied by damage to articular cartilage, muscles, joint capsule, etc. Multiple injuries of the ligaments can lead to a dangling joint (see).

Damage to the ligaments of the ankle joint occurs with a sharp supination (lead) or pronation (reduction) of the foot. The most severe form of distortion is accompanied by damage to many ligaments of the ankle joint area and dislocation of the foot. Symptoms: edema of the periarticular tissues, flattening of the contour of the joint, hemorrhage, soreness and restriction of movements, pain during palpation . Bone lesions are absent (control radiography is necessary).

First aid: cold, imposition of immobilizing bandage (tire, bandage), elevated limb position.

Treatment in outpatient settings: fixation of the joint (up to 14 days) with a soft bandage, gypsum lint-coat or zinc-gelatin dressing. In case of a dislocation, it is hospitalization with the aim of correcting the dislocation.

Damage to the ligaments of the knee joint - see Knee joint .