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Holiday House

A holiday home is an institution for the rest of workers in favorable climatic, landscape and sanitary-hygienic conditions. Vouchers to rest homes run by trade unions are provided to workers mostly free of charge or at a 70% discount at the expense of social insurance.

Practically healthy faces are taken into a rest home (for 12-24 days). There are holiday rest houses (one-, two-day), for parents with children, for pregnant women, youth, floating (on sea and river steamers). The regime in the rest home is based primarily on the hardening of holidaymakers and possibly their longer stay in the fresh air (walks, tours, physical education and sports ).

For hardening they use solar and air baths in aero-solariums and on beaches, sea and river bathing, swimming in pools, showers, douche, wiping, etc., as well as ultraviolet irradiation in photogrames . Much attention is paid to the cultural and sanitary and educational work in accordance with the established daily routine, including the appropriate alternation of the motor mode, nutrition, cultural entertainment, recreation and sleep. In large holiday homes (more than 350 beds), a doctor’s position has been established, in small (200–350 beds) a paramedic position, and in all rest houses, a nurse’s position. In rest homes where there is no doctor, the paramedic and nurse perform his duties within his competence. Their duties include monitoring compliance with the established regime, carrying out tempering procedures, the sanitary condition of the food service unit, as well as organizing and participating in sanitary and educational work, rendering emergency first aid (for injuries and acute diseases). See also Aero-therapy , Heliotherapy , Hardening , Bathing.