The Sanitary team

Druzhina sanitary

The sanitary squad (SD) is a mobile formation of the Civil Defense Medical Service (ICSD). Sanitary detachments are set up at industrial enterprises, in institutions, in transport, on collective and state farms, in educational institutions by the leaders of these organizations and enterprises together with the primary organizations of the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies.

In general secondary schools , schools prof. training, in higher and secondary special educational institutions, sanitary squads are created from the number of pupils of 9-10th grades, students of the first three courses. In industrial enterprises and in institutions, in transport, on collective and state farms, SD is completed from women aged 16 to 55 and men from 16 to 60 years.

The staff of the sanitary squads includes 23 people: the management team - the commander of the squad, the political instructor, the liaison officer (the same manager) and the five links for 4 people. in each; at the head of the units are commanders. By the decision of the staffs of the GO, 4-5 sanitary posts (4 people each), established at the enterprise, in the institution, collective farm, state farm, educational institution, etc., can be united in the sanitary squads with the addition of a management group. If there are several sanitary druzhins on the site for the centralized management of their work in the centers of mass destruction, the squads are grouped into detachments of sanitary detachments (SDO). In the staff of the detachment there are 4 or 5 sanitary squads and a command group (commander, deputy for political forces and three liaison officers). Sanitary detachments in the MSGO system are used to provide first medical aid to people affected in the centers of mass destruction, to work as part of mobile anti-epidemic detachments (PEPO) to conduct sanitary and hygienic and anti-epidemic measures (household visits, identification of patients with fever, distribution of preventive drugs, disinfection, etc.). The composition of each PKO (see First Aid Unit) includes two sanitary squads. Druzhiny work directly in the lesions and in hospitals MSGO suburban area. The preparation of the vigilantes is carried out according to the programs providing for the study of the issues of rendering the first medical aid to the stricken and the tactics of the work of the sanitary squads in various centers of mass destruction. Sanitary squads are equipped according to a certain table at the expense of the funds of those institutions and enterprises, on the basis of which they are created. See also Medical Civil Defense Service.