Go Shower (hydropathic) department

Shower Chair

The shower department (synonym hydrotherapy department) is a device for leading to the settings of medical showers of water of a certain temperature and pressure. The shower chair is a low rectangular cabinet (Fig. 1), inside of which a system of lead and outlet water pipes is mounted. The cold water (from the water supply system) and hot (from the boiler room) enters the mixers through the two supply pipes, the control devices of which (mixing taps or valves) are brought to the control panel (Fig. 2). Thermometers and manometers are located on the control panel of the shower department. The pipes from the mixers supply water of the required temperature and pressure to the shower installations located at a distance from the shower department in the Duscher field of view. Water for jet showers — Scottish and Charcot — is supplied through flexible hoses located above the control panel.

shower chair
Fig. 1. Shower Chair

shower control panel
Fig. 2. The control panel of the shower department: 1-3 and 8-10 — taps for switching on showers; 4 - thermometers; 5 - taps for temperature control in mixers; 6 - jet showers; 7 - ends of discharge pipes; 11 - manometers; 12 - jet shower hose: 13 - tip to get a fan-shaped jet.

For the smooth operation of the shower department, it is necessary to supply it with hot and cold water from special highways not connected with other consumers. The pressure of both cold and hot water entering the mixers should be the same - at least 2.5 atm. If the water supply does not provide such pressure, use water tanks, pumps. In cases where the water pressure in the supply system exceeds 7-8 atm, it is lowered with the help of gearboxes. The shower department is supplied with a set of shower installations allowing to carry out hydrotherapy procedures (see).