Go Mobile shower units

Shower installations

Shower units (mobile) are designed for washing people in the field and in places where there are no baths. Mounted on cars, trailers separately or in combination with a disinfection chamber. Collapsible shower installations are transported by any transport. The shower units are divided into steam evaporator and hot water with a direct flow of water.

Equipment for steam-and-shower installations consists of a steam boiler, a hand pump, an injector, a steam elevator, an accumulator boiler, suction and pressure rubber-fabric sleeves, one or two shower devices (6 grids each), accessories and spare parts, boxes for their installation . In the combined disinfection-shower installations, in addition, one or two disinfection chambers are installed (see).

The steam boiler provides steam used for lifting, heating and supplying water to the shower screens. The hand pump is used for the initial filling of the boiler with water, and the injector - for the subsequent replenishment of it with heated water as it evaporates. To replenish the boiler, a portion of the heated water supplied to the shower screens is used.


The steam elevator, or steam jet pump, is designed to lift cold water from a river, lake, pond, etc., heat it to 40–42 ° and supply heated water to shower nets. The steam coming from the boiler flows out of the elevator nozzle at high speed and draws air from the elevator housing and the suction hose. Water from the reservoir flows through the suction hose into the elevator housing. From here she enjoys the diffuser, mixing with steam. When mixed, steam condenses and warms the water. In the diffuser as it expands, the necessary pressure is created, causing the movement of water along the sleeves to the shower nets. The boiler-battery, located behind the elevator (along the water flow), allows you to additionally quickly heat the water with steam to the required temperature, increases the reliability of the shower device, eliminates burns of washable people (steam condenses and does not come out through the shower screens) water for household needs.

Suction rubber-fabric sleeves with a length of at least 4 m, attached to a hand pump and a steam elevator, serve to lift water. At the end they have a receiving filter (mesh) that protects the shower installation from the ingress of mechanical impurities. Pressure hoses are used to supply heated water from the boiler-battery to the shower devices. The shower device on 6 grids represents a metal frame from a pipe on four legs. Shower nets are unscrewed when you need to clean them from dirt.

The principle of operation of the steam-and-shower installation is as follows.

A hand pump fills the boiler with water until the middle of the water-indicating glass. Then they kindle the fuel and raise the vapor pressure in the boiler to the working one (3-5 kgf / cm 2 ). They let the steam into the elevator and the boiler-accumulator and set the required water temperature (40—42 °) supplied to the shower nets with the help of the starting valves and the valve on the injection pipe.