Go Tar ointment Vishnevskogo Wilkinson


Tar (Pix liquida). It has disinfecting, insecticidal and local irritant effects. There is pine tar (Pix liquida Pini) and birch (Pix liquida Betulae, Oleum Rusci). Applied externally to the treatment of skin diseases ( eczema , scaly depriving , scabies , etc.) in the form of 10-30% ointment and linimentov. With prolonged use causes irritation. Included in the tar soap, Vilkinson ointment and Vishnevsky ointment. Balsamic Vishnevsky ointment (3 parts of tar, 3 parts xeroform, 100 parts of castor oil) contributes to the regeneration processes. Used in the treatment of wounds, ulcers, pressure sores , etc.