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Tremor (tremor) - is a violent, involuntary oscillatory movements of the body or its parts. In terms of amplitude, small, medium and large jitter are distinguished, in frequency - slow, medium and fast, in terms of correctness of alternation - rhythmic and irrhythmic jitter. The causes of jitter may be different. With organic diseases of the nervous system there are various options for trembling. Intentional trembling (trembling that occurs when muscle tension) is characteristic of the lesion of the cerebellum and its pathways, it is detected when performing precise movements, for example, in the finger-nose test, increases towards the end of targeted movement; it is noted at multiple sclerosis (see). When trembling like "counting coins" or "rolling pills", mainly the index, thumb and middle fingers are involved. Tremors of this type are observed with trembling paralysis (see), parkinsonism (see), developed after suffering epidemic encephalitis , with severe atherosclerosis, with a predominant lesion of the subcortical region.


The senile tremor is usually small-willow, medium in frequency, rhythmic, localized in the fingers, lower jaw , head. In hepatolenticular degeneration (see), the tremor is large-sprung, slow, engulfs the limbs and torso, increases with movements. With intoxication , in particular alcohol, there is a tremor in the muscles of the face, tongue and especially in the fingers of outstretched hands. Visibly reduced after taking alcohol. The essential jitter is known (primary, idiopathic), which is the only symptom of a hereditary, slowly progressive disease. At the same time, there is a trembling of the head and hands, expressed equally at rest and when moving. The rhythm of this shake is different.

In functional disorders of the nervous system (hysteria, neurasthenia), there is a sweeping, rapid, amplitude tremor, more pronounced in the fingers of outstretched hands, which increase sharply with emotional stress. The most pronounced form is hysterical tremor.

Treating jitter. It is necessary to treat the underlying disease. Tropacin and its analogues as well as vitamin B6 are used as symptomatic remedies.