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Health is a state of the body in which all its functions and systems are in harmonic interaction and are dynamically balanced with the external environment.

The concept of "health" is established on the basis of a number of anthropometric, clinical, physiological and biochemical indicators, which are not the same for all healthy people, but vary depending on their gender, age, constitutional type, geographical and climatic conditions, etc. Thus This concept is conditional. Nevertheless, these indicators are guided by the conclusion about the state of health that is required in cases of recruitment into the army, admission to study or work, during a forensic medical examination, etc.

Although the concept of "health" and excludes the disease, both of these states may be associated with a number of transitional stages. Such stages are the individual hidden hereditary diseases , the latent period of the disease, the erased forms of the disease, etc. And vice versa, there are cases when a person feels unwell, having no objective disruption of the body's activity. In this regard, there are notions of subjective and objective health, as well as the term “practically healthy”, which designate a human condition when, although pathological changes are observed, but the efficiency and well-being remain normal. The state of human health depends on the perfection of the adaptive mechanisms of the body, on how fully it adapts to environmental conditions. This, in turn, is determined by the fitness of the body, past diseases, hereditary and constitutional features, as well as social factors.

In the USSR, one of the clearest manifestations of concern for the welfare of the people was the Fundamental Legislation on Health Care of the USSR and the Union Republics approved by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (see Health Legislation ). The law proclaims: the protection of the health of the people is one of the most important tasks of the Soviet state.

“The legislation of the USSR and the Union republics on health care,” says the first section of the document, “regulates public relations in the field of public health in order to ensure the harmonious development of physical and spiritual strength, health, a high level of working capacity and a long active life of citizens; prevent and reduce morbidity , further reduce disability and reduce mortality; elimination of factors and conditions that adversely affect the health of citizens. " Protecting the health of the population, - stated in the Fundamentals of Legislation, - is the duty of all state bodies, public organizations.

At the same time, the Law places a heavy responsibility on the citizens themselves. It is specifically stipulated that citizens of the USSR should take care of their own health and the health of other members of society.