The Nutrition for young children

Nutrition for young children

This section contains materials on the organization of rational nutrition of children under 3 years of age, data on the nutrition of women during pregnancy and lactation. There are sets of products and dishes, the needs of children in food substances, feeding patterns, diet. Recommendations for nutrition of children for various diseases are given.

It is intended primarily for pediatricians.

Table of contents

Chapter I. Features of digestion in young children
Chapter II. The need of young children in basic nutrients and energy
Chapter III. Nutrition of a pregnant and lactating woman
Chapter IV. Feeding a child of the first year of life
Natural feeding
Artificial and mixed feeding
Chapter V. Nutrition of premature infants
Chapter VI. Nutrition for children aged one to three years
Chapter VII. Nutrition for young children, who are brought up in children's groups
Features of nutrition of children in children's homes
Catering in pre-school establishments
Chapter VIII. Principles of therapeutic nutrition of young children with various diseases
Preparation of individual dishes for children of the first year of life
Than to drink the child: juice or tea?


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