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Enzyme treatment


Modern medicine is increasingly using the achievements of biological and medical chemistry in general and the theory of enzymes (enzymology) in particular.

The monograph by M. Wolf and K. Ransberger, which is offered to the reader, is devoted to the problem of using enzymes in medical practice. It can in no way be considered either as the first monograph on this issue, or as an exhaustive review of the vast literature that exists on this issue. The Soviet medical community is well known for the work of domestic scientists on the biological and medical problems of the use of enzymes in therapy.


In their book, M. Wolf and K. Ransberger practically did not use the extensive information contained in the publications of Soviet scientists, including those who are directly involved in the problem of the use of proteolytic enzymes in the clinic *.

Although the monograph is titled “Treatment with Enzymes,” it cannot claim to be a complete statement of the problem of the therapeutic use of enzymes in general, or proteolytic enzymes in particular. The goal of the authors in an accessible form is to tell general practitioners about how, and under what diseases, purified preparations of proteolytic enzymes of plant or animal origin can be used as therapeutic agents. This paper presents the results of our own clinical observations and materials of other authors who worked similarly to M. Wolf and K. Ransberger with drugs manufactured in the Federal Republic of Germany. The main active principle of these drugs is an artificially composed mixture of purified proteolytic enzymes of animal and vegetable origin (trypsin, chymotrypsin, papain).

M. Wolf and K. Ransberger with great enthusiasm describe the results of experimental studies performed on animals that were injected using these patented enzyme preparations in various ways in order to prove the possibility of penetration of proteolytic enzymes into pathologically changed organs and tissues. Clinical observations (made, in particular, in oncological clinics) are assessed with particular enthusiasm, emphasizing the efficacy and safety of treatment with proteolytic enzymes (primarily the above-mentioned proteinase mixtures). However, the authors do not forget to note that treatment with enzymes should be combined with other modern methods of therapy.


Having rejected the strictly “academic” presentation style, the authors managed to write a monograph that is easy to read and interesting. The enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the authors are conveyed to the reader. But, unfortunately, such “relaxedness” of the presentation entailed certain shortcomings: not all statements or information are supported by precise references to published articles and books, not all information directly related to the issues being addressed is cited and discussed.

It should be particularly noted that the authors, being enthusiasts of this method of treatment, sometimes at the expense of objectivity too simplify the problem. In their presentation, the effectiveness of enzyme therapy is undoubtedly exaggerated.

We believe, however, that, despite these shortcomings, the work of M. Wolf and K. Ransbergera will interest doctors and bring them certain benefits. In our country and abroad, work is underway to create new purified preparations of proteolytic enzymes and their various combinations. This monograph contains materials (which are either not published or published in obscure journals), reflecting the accumulated experience of research and the use in the clinic of similar drugs produced in Germany. This experience is of particular interest to our doctors, who are already well acquainted with the problem as a whole and prepared for critical assessment and use of the results of the work and suggestions of other authors. The monograph is intended to attract the attention of a wide range of medical practitioners to an effective and promising method of treatment.

* Many works of our researchers are summarized in monographs: V. I. Struchkov, A. V. Grigoryan, V. K. Gostishchev, S. V. Lokhvitsky, L. S. Tapinsky “Proteolytic enzymes in purulent surgery”, M., 1970 g .; “Problems of Medical Enzymology” (edited by S. R. Mardashov), M., 1970; K. N. Veremeenko “Proteolytic enzymes of the pancreas and their use in the clinic”, Kiev, 1967; LK Bogush and L. Ya. Shvartsman “Application of proteolytic enzymes in pulmonary tuberculosis”, M.,. 1970