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How were our ancestors treated

Table of contents
Chapter 1. At the beginning
The liver is the mother of the heart
Doctor from kos island
Nature is a doctor of disease
Greeks of the Alexandrian period
Hippocrates Relay
Chapter II Under the authority of the holy church
Test by Canossay
Heir to the great Rome
Maid of theology
"Hail you are sick!"
God's enemies
Goats breathe ... ears
Deer - Snake Chaser
Behind the monastery walls
Chapter III. Return
Lost sheep in the hands of the unfaithful
There is a difference between smallpox and measles!
Start of wanderings
How to get to the library of the Emir?
On the advice of the father
Academy of Mamun
Forty Portraits of Ibn Sina
Grimaces of fate
Forty first portrait
New Medical Language
Aristotle in tonsure


Chapter IV Overthrowing the yoke of teachers
Sixty-nine pages Mondino de Luzzi
Student asking questions
The wide road and walking path of Vesalius
There is no such bone!
Silvius sends a denunciation
“I'm coming for you!”
Monster collection
Chapter V. The Sinful Profession
Talking skeleton
Brotherhood of Cosmas and Damian
Mithridates medicine
The Barber and the Life Surgeon of the King
Was it good at God's house?
Thirty three doors Bicetra
Daria Lomanova and others
School lessons
From the doctor of antiquity
Chapter VI. Another win
"Holy" dirt
Church and cities
What was in the bowl of the fifth angel?
"Holy Mother Pox"
Forty ways to refuse to walk
Killer or savior?
Fashion talk
God's merciful gift
Jenner is writing a letter
What told V.D.
Chapter VII Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov
Rana Garibaldi
Strange funeral
Talk of the 10th number
New stage
The lessons of Madame Vogelsang
"Ice" anatomy
Professor and students
Victory of Don Quixote
Church and pain
Experiment under Salta
Sixty and another sixty years


Cancer mystery
Conversation in the desert
Is it possible to artificially inoculate a tumor?
Word I. I. Mechnikov
Cancer is caused by chemicals?
Cancer Substances Turns Out Too Much!
Cancer is caused by viruses?
What are viruses?
Tumor viruses
Cancer and milk
What do the opponents say
How to find foreign proteins in the body?
Talk about failures
Solves the method
New ways, new facts
How does a tumor appear?
But what about practice?

Heart surgery

Brain Surgery (Neurosurgery)
A bit of history
Briefly about the structure of the brain
Institute named after N.N. Burdenko
Research must be comprehensive
Brain currents
Radioactive isotopes help neurosurgeon
In the operating room
New chapter neurosurgery
Major Neurosurgery Problem
What is ganglioblockers
Plastic replaces bone
The operation restores vision
Neurosurgery wins
Face surgery

Fight for life
Clinical and biological death
Complex method of restoring the vital functions of the body
Patterns of extinction and restoration of vital body functions
Methods of recovery in the service of man
Hypothermia and the problem of recovery of the body
Ways of developing the problem of recovery
Artificial kidney
Organ transplantation (history of transplantology)
Splicing and transplanting body parts in lower animals
Transplantation of organs and tissues in cold-blooded animals
Transplants in higher animals and humans
Experiments on the transplantation of vital organs and body parts
Heart transplant
Transplantation of kidneys and other internal organs
Front or back half body transplants
On the revitalization of organs taken from a corpse
Broad-spectrum antibiotics
Antibiotics isolated from bacteria
Animal Antibiotics
Neomycin group antibiotics
Antiviral and antitumor antibiotics research
The use of antibiotics in the national economy
Victory over polio
Avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis
B vitamins
Vitamin B12 and folic acid

Science and religion about human health and disease