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Within this section, the success of oncology related to the methods of medicinal and radiation treatment of cancer was not affected, and yet they are obvious. It should be emphasized that immunotherapy is the youngest section of medical oncology, therefore all the described approaches to treating a terrible disease have not yet gone beyond the framework of the experiment.

Cancer is a cunning and sophisticated enemy. In order to appear, a cancer stem cell needs to fool the host’s protective cells. If all the descendants of the progenitor of an oncological disease were completely similar to her, the fight against cancer would not be so protracted and difficult. But the fact of the matter is that the descendants of the initial tumor cells differ in their biological properties from the parent ones. A tumor is not always mono- but polyclonal. Genetic instability of tumor cells, their heterogeneity provide cancer with extraordinary viability. The frequency of mutations in fast metastatic tumors is 5-7 times higher than in non-metastatic. New tumor cells are very often insensitive to those drugs with which the tumor has already had to "get to know".

The addiction to anticancer drugs in the tumor occurs much faster than in the body as a whole. The appearance of resistant, resistant to the drug cells occurs quickly, and then increases in a cascade. In this case, the permeability of the cell membrane is impaired; proteins, the synthesis of which is controlled by the genes of the newly formed group II (from the word "permeability"), interfere with the passage of cytotoxic substances into the cancer cell. A surgical method of removing a tumor is the most effective, but its reasonable addition to radiation and chemotherapy methods should not contradict the immunological principles of the development of a tumor disease, but take them into account and be combined with biotherapy. Moreover, it can be expected that certain immunotherapy approaches will be used before surgical removal of the tumor. In any case, treatment should be comprehensive and as fast as possible.