Go Take care of your health in your youth

Take care of your health in your youth

This chick could envy many of his fellows. He was not threatened by predators, all winter he received tasty food: worms, bread crumbs, grain, drank clean fresh water. And here are the first merry rays of the sun to melt the ground forged by frost. Nightingale startled, opened his beak to sing the song of the celebration of renewal. But after the first trill in the neck, something began to flop, he fell down and convulsed. An autopsy revealed a brain hemorrhage.

Hares were transported from one place to another. Their journey lasted only two weeks, but when the skewers were released into a spacious aviary, they rushed, like runners from the start, and immediately spun helplessly on the spot. The poor bunny could not stand the bones of the hind legs.

Do not break your head over the cause of accidents: the fact is that the nightingale and hares had “unsuitable” “apartments” - a close tiny cell in which the nightingale had no opportunity to dissolve the wings, and the hares could not run and jump.

What do these examples from the life of animals of the Moscow Zoo say? The fact that without movement, without flying, jumping, without training the organs of birds and animals can not develop normally.

After reading these lines, you guys will surely think: “How nice that a man is by nature much stronger than all these little animals and this cannot happen to him!”
But is this true?


... Once, an unusual patient came to a quiet lane where the Therapy Institute of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences is located. They preferred not to use the elevator and jumped over the steps, joked merrily and laughed, straightening their shoulders muscular. The health status of these strong 20-30-year-old men was meticulously checked by a special medical commission. She found them completely healthy. Why did the healthy need to go to the clinic? And then, that doctors decided to do a series of experiments. Healthy people for twenty days were forbidden to go in for gymnastics, to sit and stand up. Some of you, perhaps, will think that it would be harmless to soak in a bed, take a break from lessons, from the works of the righteous. But...

Already on the third day, all the subjects became haunted: they began to complain of muscle pain in the back, appetite deterioration, and other ailments. Day after day they, as the doctors wrote down, “increased the need for active movements”. And when the patients first got out of bed, their arms and legs were trembling from weakness, and their head was spinning so much that it was dark in the eyes. Even the simplest work, such as walking around the ward or climbing the stairs, was accompanied by severe pain in the muscles, and what can we say about the tests on the centrifuge! All young people, as one, showed reduced acceleration resistance.

Analyzes, cardiograms, X-rays, percussion, listening. All examinations showed: the amount of work usually done by the heart and lungs decreased by about 30 percent. If the subjects got out of bed, the blood pressure dropped so rapidly that many of them fainted.

And all these disorders lasted not an hour, not two, but tenaciously held on for ten days after the end of bed rest. Is this not a convincing example of the need for movements that cannot be replaced by any medicine in the world!

You have probably heard of Cape Pitsunda, which is called the paradise of Abkhazia? Now here are the lands of the citrus state farm, and once was the estate of the landowner Igumnov. The place is such that, it seems, live here for up to one hundred years - you will not grow old: wonderful nature, the sea, the air, as if insisting on the aromas of herbs and fruit trees. However, the landowner did not manage to survive even to old age. Here is what Vasily Ivanovich Vishnevsky, his former coachman, tells:
- I took the master, it happened, on the one hand, on the arm, and the footman - on the other, and we took him through the park to the sea. And he barely moved his legs. Every five minutes, he was seated on a bench to rest.

Neither wealth nor the care of numerous servants brought the landowner longevity, because the owner of the “paradise” was a sluggard, lazy life-seeker, and those who would now be denounced with the contemptuous word “strayer”. But his coachman Vishnevsky lived to 110 years!

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