The Resorts in Europe

Resorts in Europe

The former socialist countries of Europe are very rich in natural remedies: mineral springs, mud fields, forest, mountain and coastal climatic stations. The resort riches of these countries are widely used for the purposes of improving the population and fighting various diseases. The days when workers of these countries, who were in dire need of treatment, could not get to the resorts, have sunk to eternity, as they were filled with aristocratic nobility, noblemen, manufacturers, merchants and landlords who came to have fun. In the former socialist countries, resorts are available to everyone: hundreds of thousands of workers, peasants, intellectuals and other categories of workers are treated and rest every year at resorts, sanatoria and rest homes .

The Communist, workers' parties and governments of the former socialist countries paid great attention to the development of resorts and the organization of rest for workers. A large appropriation was allocated annually for the reconstruction of old and construction of new resorts and recreation centers in the socialist countries. In the short period that has passed since the establishment of the people's democratic system, a large number of first-class sea, balneological, mud and other resorts have been created in the socialist countries, which are not inferior to many of the world's resorts that were built and developed over the centuries.


With the further development of sanatorium and resort business on the new socialist principles, the people's democracies used the experience of building Soviet resorts. The exchange of information and work experience, contributing to the further success of healthcare in our countries, is extremely necessary and useful.

This section, whose author is well acquainted with the formulation and development of sanatorium and resort business in the USSR and in the countries of socialism, aims to familiarize the medical community with the resort riches of the former socialist countries of Europe. It contains data on the major resorts of our foreign friends, describes the therapeutic factors of these resorts, the methods of their use, the current medical indications for the treatment of patients.

The publication of such a collection has matured long ago. The need for it is especially felt now, when activities are being carried out to strengthen economic and cultural ties between countries, and mutual contacts between scientists and health organizers of these countries are expanding. The Central Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy of the USSR Ministry of Health and a number of republican institutes of balneology and physiotherapy are already coordinating their scientific research with institutes of similar profile in other socialist countries.

Joint efforts of scientists of our countries are aimed at further development of the resort business, in the search for and increase in resort resources, in the development of more effective ways of using them for the treatment and prevention of diseases.


Since many of the described resorts of the former socialist countries of Europe are also national centers for international tourism and sports, and in addition, they are often organized and various other international meetings - festivals, competitions, tournaments, congresses, conventions, etc., the section can be useful and is interesting not only for medical workers.

And still at the resort!

We already invited you to travel by air, by boat, by bus. We have given you the opportunity to learn the opinions of those who are aces in a variety of types of tourism.

Before you was the choice to go with a backpack behind your shoulders on foot or for the first time climb the stony trail to a mountain pass, work oars on a forest river or twist pedals on a highway escaping to the south.

You had a lot to choose from, but you still preferred all of these rest at the resort.

... Yes, suppose our reader is not young; Suppose that eleven months of work have exhausted him enough; suppose, finally, that he has no special propensities for traveling along the rivers and through the air, and even more so to the new physical loads that the tourist campaign promises him.

This person on vacation intends to "just relax." And the word "simple connects with the idea of ​​a southern (as a rule, southern!) Resort town, where, they say, in abundance of fruits and vegetables, where there is sea water, the sky is blue and the sun is hot.

"I'm going to the resort," says such a man. And really goes to the resort area, closer to the famous health resorts, goes to spend his vacation there, where the palms of the subtropics promise him a cloudless life.

He blindly believes in the healing power of the south. Yalta, Gurzuf, Gagra, Matsesta, it seems, from the very names of these already breathes youth and health. And that is why, perhaps, the amateur holidaymaker does not consider the Gurzuf vegetable market first too expensive, the Adler beach is too close, and the light headache in the evenings is not attributed to the excessive generosity of the sun. His opinion, as a rule, changes only towards the end of the holiday, when suddenly it turns out that "just to relax" just did not succeed. Together with the chocolate tan home from the south, he did not bring, unfortunately, the most important thing - the reserve of vivacity.

Of course, if our hero was young, healthy, strong, a three-week trip to the south would not do him any harm. But he is not too young, and even if not very ill, then not so healthy.

And because a sharp change in the usual climatic conditions went to him not for good, but for harm. After the "healing" trip to the south, in addition to general fatigue, suddenly there were horns, which he had not noticed before: pressure, appetite worsened, insomnia appeared.

But all this might not have been, go to our resort to relax on the Riga seashore, the Karelian Isthmus, in the Moscow region or in Belarus.

And, of course, the fact that the resort is healthful only for those who do not have its climate contra-indicated, it is necessary to remember everyone who really needs treatment.

Almost in our country everyone has the opportunity to find the ideal conditions for spa treatment. But, unfortunately, not everyone can make the right choice between this or that resort. According to the Central Resort Department of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions, over 15,000 people spend their holidays in health resorts, where they are not allowed to stay.

This is probably due, first of all, to the special authority and attractiveness of the famous resorts: Kislovodsk, Tskhaltubo, Essentuki, Truskavets, health resorts with famous mineral springs or medicinal mud.

But is it always so necessary to travel to the far end of the world, to shake in the train, to spend money on a long journey, if there are Borjomi and Saki nearby, even if not so famous, but not inferior in terms of medicinal properties to the famous southern resorts?

Often, with rheumatism, nervous and skin diseases, doctors recommend treatment with hydrogen sulfide waters. But does this mean that you must necessarily go to Sochi or Pyatigorsk? Thousands of residents, say, of the Volga regions, can be treated with the same effect on Sergievskie mineral waters in the Kuibyshev region.

Not inferior to the Caucasus and mineral springs in the resorts of the Far East. Radon waters are also present not only in Tskhaltubo, but also in Belokurikha in the Altai, Khmelnik and Mironovka in Ukraine, in Lipovka in the Urals.

The resort as a remedy is a complex concept. Here, we repeat, it is necessary to take into account the age of a person, his general condition, the features of the disease and, of course, the climate. But the climate is often forgotten. And not only those who go to rest "in a wild way", but also the so-called "organized" holiday-makers.

Today, when the resort business in the country is put on a scientific basis, when human health is not only a matter of personal, but also public, this attitude to choosing a place for your summer holiday can be called, at least, frivolous.

Seven million six hundred thousand citizens rested last year at trade-union resorts. Trade unions now own more than 2500 sanatoriums, rest homes, boarding houses, tourist bases, pioneer camps.

At the end of last year, the Presidium of the AUCCTU adopted a resolution on the further expansion of the sanatorium and resort services for young people. Every year more than 40 thousand teenagers rest on resorts of trade unions. In the near future, this figure will double. Nineteen new sanatoria will become youth. Health resorts will open near Leningrad, in the Moscow region, Ivanovo region, in Kislovodsk.

Now in Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk, boarding houses for parents and children will open their doors.

Today's health resort has also approached the problem of compulsory restorative treatment of patients after their stay in hospitals. So, many sanatoriums already have places for those who will discharge themselves from the clinics of the Ministry of Health of the USSR.

The state does a lot to ensure that those who really need it can be treated in the health resort.

Conversations of doctors who we want to bring to your attention should correctly orient you, which of the resorts should be preferred for this or that disease, how to spend your vacation, which should be taken into account when going to the south, east or west of our country in the summer.