Go Dialogue about medicine

Dialogue about medicine

The dialogue about medicine is an interesting section-study with a popular presentation and analysis of facts, statistics, and generalizations. It is intended as a dialogue between doctors and patients, since relationships are a two-way concept. Do not consider the attitude of doctors to the patients in isolation from the attitude of society and the sick to the doctors.

Much has been written about the attitude of the doctor towards the patient, but little is written and spoken about the obligations of the patient towards the doctor and medicine.

It would be desirable that the idea that “becoming a doctor is easier than being a doctor,” deeply sunk into the soul of both doctors and those who are preparing to join the path of medicine and those who turn to us for help.

The section is devoted to the relationship between patients and doctors in the context of the scientific and technological revolution, as well as to the problems of medicine that most attract the attention of the population at the present time. The influence of the growing number of doctors and the so-called feminization of medicine, free medical care and the media, and the increase in the proportion of older people are considered. Special chapters are devoted to controversial issues of a rational lifestyle, neurosis, sexual culture, medical errors, and the psychology of a doctor when he is ill.



The dialogue about medicine, of course, is not exhausted. Yes, and it can hardly be exhausted. It will inevitably come back to it, new pages will appear, they will revise old ones. Such is the dialectic of human relations, healing, life.