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Potentilla erect

Potentilla erect, Dubrovka [Potentilla erecta (L.) Raeusch.] Is a wild-growing plant. Contains tannins. A decoction of rhizomes (2 teaspoons per glass of water) is taken as an astringent, 1 tablespoon 3-4 times daily before meals for inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and various internal bleeding. For rinsing (1 tablespoon of broth per cup of boiled water every 2 hours) is also used for sore throats, stomatitis and gingivitis, for washing weeping eczemas, etc.

Potentilla erect, kalgan is a small, ordinary herb. Its stem is erect or ascending. Leaves lace rosette bowing stem. The corolla of the flower is golden yellow of four petals, there are red specks at its base, and in all other species of Potentilla there are five petals.

silverweed upright
Fig. 37. Potentilla erect.

Forest meadows and edges, damp meadows along the rivers, bush meadows with alder and willow are the favorite places of the Kalgan. This plant grows mainly in the European part of the USSR. Widespread in the northwest. A narrow strip wedges into Western Siberia and reaches Tomsk.

Potentilla blooms from late May to September, at which time one must go for healing rhizomes. It is impossible to allow a solid billet of Potentilla. At least one flowering or fruiting plant must be left as seed for every 1-2 m 2 . Repeatedly in these places it is possible to carry out preparations only after 6-7 years.

Kalgan rhizome, many-headed, tuberiform or short cylindrical, is valued. In more wet places rhizome is larger. Collect it, cleaned from adventitious roots, washed and dried. Dry rhizomes are hard and heavy. On the break, their color is red-brown, and outside is dark-brown. Good astringent and bactericidal agent. Apply this plant for rinsing with inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx and inside with some gastrointestinal diseases.