The Proper nutrition

How to eat properly

  • Proper nutrition is health
  • The emergence of the diseases of civilization is due to the disturbance of the environment and not always the right human nutrition: the poisoning of soil, water, air with industrial waste, especially heavy metals, a decrease in the content in the soil of essential microelements - "life activators", supporting the immune system, The section introduces the reader to the role of each of the microelements in the vital activity of the human body and provides simple, accessible practical advice on how to fill the lack of these microelements in food.

    The section that you are going to read opens up a completely "new face" of medicine. He shows prevention medicine, in a calm, benevolent manner, offering methods of preventing illnesses, gives a fair dose of optimism to people exhausted by the mentor tone of scientific authorities, the sparkling whiteness of hospital wards and the boredom of well-equipped sanatoriums .


    The modern development of biological and physical sciences, as far as their achievements, leads to such a narrow specialization that representatives of different disciplines are often unable to understand each other, even when the conversation is simply about the prospects for further scientific research.

    Science is increasingly dividing the world of living nature into parts. This situation can be compared with the behavior of a child who, out of curiosity, wishing to find out what is hidden inside a house made up of cubes, takes each of them carefully into his hands, and a minute later, with confusion and fright, sees scattered toys in front of him. It seems that the same analogy can be used to assess the so-called modern achievements in the field of biological and medical sciences. It is difficult to expect that even an outstanding specialist in one narrow field of science would be well versed in the dependencies existing between individual links of the trophic chain of an entire ecosystem: soil - plant - animal - man.

    This is one of the few attempts of modern, based on the achievements of many areas of science approach to those phenomena that can be called life on the globe.

    The enormous work and enthusiasm of biologists and physicians can benefit humanity by just such an interdisciplinary interpretation of phenomena, and a measure of this benefit is a global assessment of its significance for an entire population . Simply put, not the results in the treatment of individuals should be considered the main criterion in assessing scientific achievements, but the widespread use of mass means or methods of preventing diseases in the whole society. Even when "the opinions of scientists are divided."

    In the past, people with horror perceived news about infectious diseases, "morays", and today we are almost as worried about the so-called "diseases of civilization". Interdisciplinary view of the most formidable of them - cancer - does not sound threatening "Memento ...".

    Proposed preventive measures to prevent the appearance of this terrible disease; they are based primarily on proper nutrition.


    The recently developed complex methods of physiological studies have confirmed the role of trace elements at the level of submolecular processes that determine the correct course of the oxidation reaction in the nucleus of mammalian cells. There are also phenomena that explain the undeniable connection between the uncontrolled violent cancer development of the cellular plasma and the properly functioning oxidation processes, which depend on the presence of certain trace elements, vitamins and other compounds in our daily diet.

    We propose ways of replenishing the deficiency or removing surpluses of biologically important chemical compounds. In these compounds the biophysicist sees " electron transfer substrates", the biochemist - "prosthetic groups of apoenzymes", the ecologist - "correction of disturbances in the trophic chain", doctors - "parapharmacological preparations that prevent the appearance of painful processes."

    As advocates of preventive measures, we see in them realistic opportunities for improving people's health.

    This section is intended for people who want to learn more about nutrients and how they affect the human body. This will be useful for those who study or work in the field of nutrition and health, as well as for those who would like to receive more information about proper nutrition.

    I would like to note that the section " Proper Nutrition " suggests new ways of research for disparate groups of highly specialized scientific centers. But above all, it will provide invaluable assistance to all women, on whose shoulders care is taken for the proper nutrition of their loved ones.

    Metals that are life-threatening

    In conclusion, I would also like to note that the brilliant achievements of medicine have allowed more than once to save the life of a person in a seemingly hopeless, menacing situation. It would be good if other sciences more or less related to medicine supported it in such an interdisciplinary way.