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How to lose weight

how to lose weight Extra kilograms - are they really "harmless", as many of their owners believe? Physicians and specialists in exercise therapy, give new information about obesity, talk about its adverse effects, recommend a weight loss program. In the section there are complex exercises for obese people - children and adolescents, adults, parents with children who can do at home.

For a wide range of readers.

We offer a wide range of readers a section on the prevention of obesity in adults and children and how to get rid of excess weight without debilitating diets. This topic can not be called fashionable, but it does not lose relevance. Anyone who suffers from obesity - and there are many such - or who has such a close person among his relatives knows that obesity causes a number of personal problems and complications with health and that it is not so easy to completely eliminate excess fat reserves.

Although obesity in children and adults varies greatly, yet this disease is in general similar, and often is family, that is, affecting several members of the family in two or three generations at the same time.

The authors of the section deal with obesity, weight loss, and above all with the help of physiotherapy exercises . Dr. Martha Strakova, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Institute for Advanced Training of Physicians and Pharmacists in Prague, Josef Shimsov, one of the best teachers of physical education in the country, will introduce the reader to obesity in children; doctor of sciences Jiri Shonka from the endocrinology laboratory of the medical faculty in Prague and Ph.D. Alena Zhbirkova from the faculty of physical education of humanitarian faculties of Charles University will highlight the problems of obesity in adults.


The section contains some new information about obesity. We tried to answer why it is easy for one to lose weight, but to another it is possible only at the cost of many efforts and sacrifices. The easiest way to say that a fat person eats a lot and moves little. Such a verdict, of course, will alienate a person suffering from obesity from thoughtful systematic treatment, and he will probably seek salvation in promising but irresponsibly recommended weight loss programs that often only harm health, and moreover, after their completion, full people usually still more gain weight. The problem of fighting obesity is, in fact, not to once sharply lose weight, but to maintain a reduced body weight, and this requires a transition to a new, modern lifestyle.

We would like you to take full advantage of free lessons and practical advice on how to prevent obesity or how to get rid of it so that they benefit you, as well as those in whose motor conditions and eating habits you can influence.

"All unnecessary harms," ​​says the old adage. Harm, therefore, and the fact that a person has an excessively large body weight and an excessive amount of fat stores. This has long been considered as a sign of health and well-being, as was believed at a time when people were doomed to suffer because of a lack of food as a result of crop failures and wars, and when exhausted, especially children, fell sick more often and died more often than those who ate OK. Now almost one third of the world population (primarily in developing countries) is literally starving, one third of humanity has enough food (in terms of their energy value), but not suitable in composition (deficiency of proteins and vitamins), and one a third, simply speaking, is overeating. We treat - and unfortunately, and fortunately - the last group. Fortunately - because we all have the right to work, education, and thanks to this - a sufficient number of food. Unfortunately - because we do not know how, sitting at a rich table, eat moderately and choose only food that is necessary to preserve health, which does not contribute to the development of obesity.

Much harm is also caused by the desire to give children that "better" and "more" from a very early age. As a result of improving care for the mother and child, infant mortality and the number of illnesses have decreased, but today's children have become taller and heavier than their peers in years past. Many weigh more than normal, and further weight gain due to excessive or malnutrition is not only undesirable, but also harmful to health, as it leads to disruption of metabolism and balance in the body. Although the child does not look painful, on the contrary, it "blooms", laboratory studies directly or indirectly reveal increasing deviations in metabolism. If no measures are taken in time, obesity will arise, which, as a rule, will later be complicated by diseases of the gallbladder, diabetes, hypertension, early atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, deformities and aging of the joints.

It is proved that obese people on average live less, the longer they are obese and the heavier their shape. Obesity as a result of its widespread prevalence and serious complications caused by it often becomes the cause of diseases, disability and reduced working capacity, as well as a source of life difficulties of various kinds, moral and economic and economic. Therefore, society seeks to protect itself from this "modern plague, " to draw people's attention to the danger of obesity in a timely manner, to explain the reasons, mainly to indicate how to prevent and treat it. This section will also be served by this section, which deals with nutrition issues, and, first of all, physical education from the very early age to the old age.


You will read the opinions of experts from Czechoslovakia, dealing with the problems of fighting obesity. The authors not only popularly told us what changes cause extra pounds, how they affect health, but also offered a comprehensive program that includes diet and motor activity, for those who want to lose weight or prevent the appearance of excess weight.

The tips outlined in the section are addressed to people of different ages, and especially to parents - they should instill in children the habit of eating right, to attach them to physical education, because it is much easier to learn a healthy lifestyle in childhood than to correct mistakes later. All the recommendations that the authors give are completely accessible to everyone. The main thing is to start and not stop halfway.

Figures for the Soviet edition are taken without changes from the Czech original. Probably, you were surprised that they are depicted slender, lean figures - in fact exercises are primarily intended for obesity. Apparently, the authors decided to show what you can become if you eat rationally and regularly engage in physical training . But even if you do not achieve the "ideal" shown in the picture, do not despair - in any case, your weight will decrease significantly.

Closing the last page, choosing for yourself a program of losing weight or maintaining a normal weight without dieting, do not put it off on the far shelf!

How to lose weight without diet and pills?

Everyone in his life thought about how to lose weight. If you do not want to experience different diets, then this article is for you. If you do not regularly maintain your body shape, then by the average age on the human body will appear fat deposits. This article will give useful advice on losing weight without pills and diets.

First, decide what the ideal figure means to you. Go to the mirror and look at your appearance. Think how many kilograms you need to throw, 5, 7 or 10, also pay attention to your muscles, think what kind of muscles you want to have.

Previously, girls with a lean figure were popular in the modeling business. In our time, this trend is happily receding. Now girls with voluminous forms are becoming more popular. This fact should be taken into account for our weight loss methods, which will be described below. Also the main thing is not weight of the body and form, but health. Sometimes losing people forget about their health and poison themselves with various means for losing weight. As practice has shown, all these funds are less effective. Therefore, before choosing a drug for weight loss, consult with a specialist. This is very important, because you can cause irreparable harm to your health.

It is not recommended to experience severe diets that will deplete your body. Take a notebook and write down all your future steps to achieve the goal. Also fix in the notebook all the changes that you plan to make with yourself. Do not forget to record height and weight. Also, constantly monitor your weight, this must be done until you reach the desired shape.

Start loving your body as it is. If you treat yourself and your body with love, then the people around you will also love you. Be sure to set a goal, which you will strive for. It is important to have patience and endurance. Throughout the process of losing weight, think about health, no weight loss methods should not negatively affect your body.

After you have decided on the goal, think about motivation. Look for motivation that is right for you, because every person has different motives. Someone motivates himself by the fact that if he throws a few extra pounds, it will attract more people of the opposite sex. Motivation for each person should be different.

Finally, the preparatory stage is over. Now you can start the very methods of losing weight.

There are many different ways with which you can lose weight. Each way has its drawbacks and advantages.

The most common and less effective is the drug method. It consists in the use of various drugs, which, according to the manufacturer, are able in a short period of time to help you lose excess pounds. As practice has shown, this method does not always work, you can say it does not work at all. Drugs that you will use for weight loss, can cause depression and an allergic reaction. As a rule, after taking the drug you do not want to eat. This is the essence of these funds. Tablets and biologically active additives that you sell have a synthetic basis, which can cause various diseases and other ailments. The sale of these drugs is a very profitable business, since these drugs bear a huge profit, and the raw materials from which this product is produced cost a penny. Before you buy a pill, think about what it is made of, and how it will affect your health.

There is also an apparatus method of losing weight. It consists in the use of various simulators, which contribute to rapid weight loss. This method can save you extra pounds, but can not eliminate the very cause of obesity. Therefore, before buying this unit, think carefully. Such devices are not very expensive and they are easy to use at home.

It is necessary to know that without proper nutrition about losing weight you can forget forever. If you massage your body with the simulator lying on the couch and eat cake, then naturally, you will not lose weight. Therefore, carefully review your diet, you must exclude fatty and fried foods. It is recommended to use in your diet only boiled foods and eat protein. Also exclude fast-digestible carbohydrates, such as cakes, buns and cakes.

Surgical way to lose weight. This method is the removal of fat by liposuction . Also there are clinics where a special balloon is placed in the stomach, which takes up part of the stomach. In this regard, the volume of the stomach is reduced, and you will eat much less food. This method is quite painful, so it is recommended that you think carefully before you lie down under the surgeon's knife.

These methods are aimed at eliminating fat and excess weight, but they are not able to remove the very cause of obesity. To eliminate this problem, you need to make a diet and start eating properly.

Lose weight slowly. It is very important to lose weight slowly, it is usually recommended to lose weight by 4-5 kilograms per month. This is done so that the body can get used to new changes and adapt. Of course, in the first place, everything depends on the human body. When losing weight, a large amount of fat is burned, which leads to the release of toxins. They enter the bloodstream and are filtered through the kidneys and liver. If toxins are not excreted by the body, then you risk going to a hospital bed. Therefore, it is very important to lose weight correctly. Rapid fat burning can lead to sagging skin. First, the skin will spoil your appearance, secondly, the blood flow in the vessels is disturbed, which can lead to vascular diseases.

Diet is the reduction in the volume of food. This formulation is not always correct. The diet implies a rational distribution of food. Do not reduce the amount of food consumed, you need to choose the right products. Exclude carbohydrates, try to cook food for a couple, limit the sweet and fruit. There is a myth that eating fruits can quickly and effectively lose weight. It is not necessary to believe this, fruits contain a large amount of glucose and sucrose, which leads to a quick set of excess weight. You should eat 5 times a day in small portions, without reducing the total amount of food. This way will allow you to lose weight. Eating in small portions, the body is much more efficient in processing food, allowing you to get the most useful substances. Do not dosalivayte food and drink two or three liters of clean water a day.

It all depends on you, take care of your diet and then you can easily lose weight. As you know, 80% of success in losing weight depends on nutrition. Throughout life, a person must follow a diet in order to stay in good shape.

There are diets aimed at reducing the amount of food. As a rule, they lead to exhaustion of the body and even to anorexia. There are cases when after a zealous diet a person begins to gain weight. This is due to the fact that the body throughout the diet arrives in great stress and tries to keep the fatty layer. After you finish the diet and start eating, the body begins to greedily store fat on your sides, which leads to another obesity. Be careful with diets aimed at reducing the amount of food.

The last and most effective way to lose weight is sport. Sport has a positive effect on the body, improves blood flow in the vessels, strengthens the heart muscle and most importantly, sports cures obesity. Do exercise and run in the morning, as you know, running helps to burn fat. It is recommended to run before breakfast early in the morning, then your training will be more effective several times. Rapid weight loss will begin in about 2-3 months. Sport is not harmful to health and absolutely safe.

As you noticed, there are a lot of ways to lose weight, so choose the right one and get to work. The most effective way today is sport. Go in for sports, strengthen your health, be cheerful and happy.

How to lose weight faster? Strength exercises or aerobics.

Below is given the characteristics of the effects of strength exercises and aerobics on the course of metabolic processes in the human body.

Many women believe that performing exercises with weights, they can lose weight faster and prefer this fitness aerobics. In part, they are right. Bodybuilding or weight training accelerates the course of metabolic processes in the body and retains its effect on it for much longer than aerobics. In the process of strength training, the human body is forced to spend a large amount of energy. He also needs rest and adequate nutrition. And here we find aspects that are imperceptible at first glance.

Different kinds of sports allow you to burn fat in different ways. Performing strength exercises, the body splits more carbohydrates, rather than fats. At the same time, the metabolic needs of the organism sharply increase. Even after one workout, the body continues to recover for several days. This process is significantly different from the results of aerobic exercise. Aerobic splits more fatty calories through the use of oxygen during exercise. The main source of energy for strength training with short, but intensive loads, is glycogen. In addition, power fitness allows a person to increase the muscle mass of his body. And the more muscle mass of the body, the faster the metabolism - even in the rest period. For this reason, wishing to reduce weight only with the help of diet and aerobics will not be able to lose weight faster than those who perform strength training. Aerobic exercises do not build muscle. In addition, during training, the body often starts using its own muscle mass instead of fat. Is this the effect you expect?

Both of these sports have their advantages. The best way to lose weight quickly is to use them in combination. Exercising aerobic exercises immediately after bodybuilding will double the effect of training. Strength exercises cause the body to burn a lot of blood sugar. While doing aerobics, he is taken for fat. It will be good to go to the treadmill for thirty minutes after bodybuilding.