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Examination of the corpses of newborns

The reasons for the forensic medical examination of the corpses of newborns is a suspicion of violent death. This happens when a corpse of an unknown newborn is detected, when a woman has given birth to a dead child at home or elsewhere, or he died shortly after giving birth, as well as in other cases when the death of the newborn occurs shortly after giving birth or during their, under unclear circumstances, allowing to suspect violent death.

It is customary to distinguish between the destruction of the fetus (in the womb) and murder. The object of the murder is the life of a person. The initial period of life is considered the moment of physiological birth, unless, of course, the baby is alive.

Infanticide. In criminal law, a special kind of murder has long been distinguished - infanticide, by which is meant the murder by the mother of a newborn baby 1 .

Infanticide can be active when a newborn is damaged or passively (for example, leaving the newborn without the necessary care leads to death).

The forensic study of the corpses of newborns has characteristic features that are predetermined both by the specific physiology and morphology of the newborn, and by the peculiarity of the questions that are put to the resolution of the forensic medical expert.

Investigative and judicial practice has developed and formulated a list of mandatory questions that should be solved by a forensic expert in the process of examining a newborn's corpse: 1) is the infant a newborn? 2) Is the baby full-term? 3) Is the infant mature? 4) the duration of intrauterine life; 5) Was the baby viable? 6) Was the baby born dead or alive? 7) extrauterine life; 8) Was the newborn properly cared for? 9) What is the cause of death of the newborn?

  • Establishing a newborn
  • Establishment of full term, fetal maturity and viability
  • Establishment of live birth
  • Causes of death of a newborn baby
  • 1 Infanticide, as a special type of murder, is provided for by the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR, Azerbaijan SSR, Moldavian SSR and some other union republics. In the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, infanticide is not particularly prominent.