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Sharp Object Damage

Sharp objects (depending on their purpose, features of the mechanisms of damaging action) are divided into chopping , cutting , piercing-cutting , piercing , sawing . The differentiating feature for these objects, which determines the morphological features of the damage, is the presence of a sharp edge (blade) for cutting and cutting objects, a sharp edge (or edges) and a sharp end for a piercing-cutting, and a sharp end for piercing and cutting.

Control questions
1. What is the mechanism of action of cutting, cutting, piercing, piercing-cutting and sawing objects?
2. Describe the signs of wounds arising from the effects of different types of sharp guns.
3. Conduct a differential diagnosis between injuries arising from exposure:
a) a blunt object and chopping;
b) cutting and piercing-cutting;
c) piercing-cutting and piercing tools.