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Recognition of former births

Examination of former childbirth is carried out in cases of suspected infanticide, abduction or substitution of a child, deliberately leaving the baby without help, popping, etc.

Recent births may indicate swelling of the mammary glands, pigmentation of the nipples and areola, the release of colostrum or milk. If a woman does not feed, then by the 4th – 6th week these signs disappear. In the study of the external genital organs revealed abrasions in the vagina , ruptures of the perineum , gaping genital slit; on the place of the hymen - sections of tissue with bruises. On the 1st day after birth, the cervix is ​​smoothed, and until the 10th-12th day, the external pharynx is open. The increased uterus with the subsequent involution has a certain value for the diagnosis of recent labor. Within 3-5 weeks after birth, lochia are secreted from the genitals. It should be noted that in investigating cases of suspicion of infanticide, the exclusion of recent births becomes important investigative value.

In the examination of recent births, as well as in cases of suspected production of criminal abortion , cytological examination of the discharge of the mammary glands is of particular importance. The morphological picture of cells (foamy, fat, leukocytes), which is not at all the same at different periods of pregnancy , after its interruption persists for some time.

A number of signs reveal the fact of the former long-standing childbirth, but does not resolve the issue of their specific period. These include pregnancy scars , myrrhapic nipples at the site of the hymen, the slit of the uterus and the smoothness of the vaginal mucosa. It should be borne in mind that the gross changes of the hymen (its remains) may be the result of diseases carried in childhood, such as diphtheria of the genitals.